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By joining Volunteer Program China you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of local children! We work with a wonderful non profit organisation, which supports the development of visually impaired children in Beijing. 


Learn Mandarin in China

Our Mandarin and Culture Program allows you to learn Mandarin at an accelerated level. Everything from your accommodation, visa and to your social life is sorted by us so you can enjoy the rich Chinese culture and explore the many wonders of China.

China Internship Program

Our China Internship Program gives you the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy, learn Mandarin and become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world.

Teach English in China

Our Teach and Travel China program gives you the opportunity of a lifetime where you get to teach English in a Chinese school, gain TEFL certification, experience Chinese culture, learn Mandarin and travel around China.


  • Had a great time at the orphanage on Saturday,...
    2:57 pm,October 23 By Reece Ayers
  • All staff are off to the orphanage this weekend...
    5:04 pm,October 17 By Reece Ayers
  • possibly IES Global's most international day...
    3:32 pm,October 10 By Peter Davis

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By Reece Ayers on Apr 02, 2014
By Reece Ayers on Apr 01, 2014
By Reece Ayers on Apr 01, 2014


Take the leap. Don't let anything hold you back in life. Do what YOU want to do (within reason). If you take too much time focusing on the little things, life will pass you by. China may seem intimidating and daunting, but it's an adventure of a life time.

Joshua Boyer - 2013

Be open-minded and try out as many things as possible. Take every day as it comes and take everything in your stride. Some things will get you down but then there will be fantastic moments that make all the bad stuff irrelevant. 

Lucy Steiner - 2012
Greg Taylor - 2013

IES Global specializes in bridging China with the international community by providing Professional Internships, Study Abroad, Teaching and Volunteer programs.

Why our internships are better than Charlie Sheen’s

Author Matthew Wong Published on Mar 12, 2011 in China Internship Program
Charlie Sheen

The “BOOM!” Comparison

Mie Hvidkjær - Internship in Beijing

Author Reece Ayers Published on Apr 01, 2014 in China Internship Program, Travel and Culture, Participants Blogs

Mie, from Denmark, has spent the last few months living and gaining work experience in Beijing with the China Internship Program. Read about her attempts to immerse herself into Chinese culture!